Monday, January 18, 2010

writing in english ?

i am writing on this topic to make it clear..

the reasons why i started to write in English on my crystal ;

firstly, of course i want to improve my English.. no doubt..

please don't get the wrong picture.. for those who are knowing me, they knew that my English was so weak..

so, i make this effort in order to improve myself, okey (how many time do i need to repeat the same fact ?.. hahaha.. lol)

Secondly, i am not showing off.. this is the real me..
i know, even though i am writing in English..
everybody can understand me ..
will ya ?

i am using such a simple language..
not like others, they can write better than me..
but sometimes, they are using the bombastic words and all those things..
it really hard actually to understand what they want to say actually..

but i guarantee that you could read my writing without repeating the same sentences over and over again.. sound sweet ?? hahaha..

actually, this is one of my intention writing a blog..
i want to post in English.. i really really like that !
( sound 'taukid' i thought )

but there come a problem when a person comment my English sarcastically..
hey, who are you ?
hehe.. but it's happen old time ago..

support me..

vote for athirah !!


Itminaan90 said...

MasyaAllah, nice....
Teruskan usaha, semoga berjaya dalam memperbaiki Bahasa Inggeris saudari..
As for me, i have to brush up my's getting a bit rusty..

Athirah said...

you tinggal kat ceruk mana ni?..
mana bleh karatkan bahasa melayu..
no no no..

bahasa jiwa bangsa !!