Friday, January 29, 2010

why do you blogging?

assalamualaikum w.b.t

i felt that i am not online for ages.. waa~

and now.. i am wondering,, why do i need to write on a blog ?..

for others, they might have their own reasons,, same like me ;

1) i want to share my opinion about current issues or maybe a good discussion about the fact and future..

2) share with my friends all over the world about my dull life (but not ALL, remember!)

3) share with you about interesting facts, some knowledge that i gained from my usrah and etc. ( as a medium to spread the da'wa)

as conclusion.,,
my blog, is all about sharing okay!..

you may drop your comment,


just become my silent readers


you may leave.. i don't mind k..

i have 83 followers right now and it was so surprised..
my blog is just an ordinary blog,, same like the owner,,
i don't know how they manage to click on the FOLLOW button..haha
thank you so much for choosing my crystal .. i am really appreciated it !



fiD said...

ur reason same wif me!

Anonymous said...

Again.. mind to check your grammar ;)

yes, sharing is caring!

Athirah said...

> fid

erm.. yela2..
tapi kita x serupa :P

> aesyulillah

bleh x nak ckp y ..
da agk da ko akn cakap cenggitu

could you check it for me?


dEe-Nie said...

setiap kali live traffic dr cairo, itulah sye..!!

sbb sye adalah silent reader yg athirah maksudkan.. hehehe..~

Athirah said...

> deenie

ada2 je la dni nih..

silent readers mean
org y baca blog tp x komen laa

FuadShahLim said...

hehe..mind ur grammars athirah..hehe~~btw, we almost hav d same reasons for blogging..sbb tuh kowt my blog has been left 2 rust 4 a long time..kih3

Athirah said...

> fuad..

ni kan post lama..
komen jugak ek?..
seb bek perasan..
klu x terbiarla komen fuad ni..