Monday, October 28, 2013

Risk Taker (Part 1)

Assalamualaikum and a very good morning..

It has been quiet a long time that I did not update anything. kind of busy with student's life, i guess.

by they way, i just want to let you know that currently i am a forth year student of accounting. so this is my final year and on the early February next year, we will be having our industrial training where it is compulsory for accounting students to have 6 months training while students from another courses just to make it within 4 to 5 months.

i just want to share my experience where at first, i am having dilemma about where should i go for my industrial training. Is it big 4 company ? EY? KPMG? Deloitte? or even PWc?
or should i seek opportunity from  small or middle audit firm ?.. I AM REALLY IN DILEMMA.. uhuh T_T

after all, i tried to go for big 4 where i have to fill up all the documents in the forms given via online in their websites, and i have to scan all my certificates. at last, i end up not submitting all the required information and try to find for other opportunities. (don't be like me, if you really want to go for big 4, then just follow all the requirements and procedures, okayy?) when there is a will, there is a way!

i also try to apply at Bursa Malaysia where it also urges me to fill up the form online..
i guess, i am a little bit lazy.. aigoo =_='

i still do not stop. i keep on searching for any other audit firms in Google where it brings me to a website that has listed all the top 10 audit firm in Malaysia. Instead of Big 4, there are other 6 audit firm that is very well known in Malaysia.

Just to give you a clear picture, this is what i have found :



Also part of the Big Four auditing firms is Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited, more commonly known as Deloitte. As the second largest professional services network in the work, Deloitte provides audit, tax, consulting, enterprise risk and financial advisory services. The firm employs some 182,000 employees that are spread across 150 countries. Deloitte KassimChan and its affiliates provide these services in Malaysia and is part of Deloitte Southeast Asia Ltd.Deloitte Southeast Asia was established to cater to the demands of the increasingly intro-regional and fast growing companies and enterprises.

Ernst & Young

The fourth accounting firm to make the Big Four is Ernst & Young and was founded in the 19th century. Its headquarters is now located in London and has 695 member firms in more than 140 countries across the world. The services it provides include assurance, advisory, tax and transaction advisory


PwC or PricewaterhouseCoopers as it was previously known is the world’s largest audit and accountancy firm and one of the Big Four auditors. Headquartered in London, PwC spans over 771 cities in 158 countries including Malaysia and boasts a strong body of more than 169,000 people supporting its operations.PwC began its operations in Malaysia (then Malaya) as early as 1900 and since then it has been supporting large MNCs, public sector entities and Malaysian companies by delivering solutions to them through its assurance, tax and advisory services.


One of the Big Four auditors, KPMG’s global headquarters is situated in the Netherlands. The audit firm employs some 140,000 people in its member firms scattered across the globe. The Malaysian arm of the KPMG network of firms is KPMG DesaMegat& Co. It was established in 1983 and now has 66 partners and more than 1,600 staff in 10 offices.


The fifth largest accountancy network in the world, BDO International was founded in 1963 as the Binder Seidman International Group through a convergence of firms form the UK, Netherlands, Germany, the US and Canada. Then in 1973, the abbreviation BDO which stands for Binder DjikerOtte& Co was adopted.Since then, the firm has grown tremendously and now serves clients in 135 countries with almost 48,800 people working out of its 1,118 offices.

Grant Thornton

A global professional services network, Grant Thornton International and its member firms operate in 521 cities in more than 113 countries across the world. Its Malaysian arm SJ Grant Thornton was established in 1974 and has four offices with the main office situated in Kuala Lumpur. Its other offices are situated in Kuantan, Johor Bahru and Penang. It has 13 partners, directors and principals and more than 250 personnel supporting its operations.

Crowe Horwarth International

Crowe Horwarth International was founded in 1907 and is ranked among the top 10 accounting firms in the world providing audit, tax, advisory, risk and performance services. It boasts personnel of 2,500 and has 150 independent accounting and management consulting firms that have offices that are spread out in over 580 offices across the globe.

Baker Tilly MonteiroHeng

Baker Tilly is ranked the eighth largest accountancy and business service network and has 572 offices which employ more than 26,000 staff in 114 countries. An independent member-firm of Baker Tilly International, Baker Tilly MonteiroHeng is Malaysia’s second largest mid-tier accounting firm with local offices in Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Melaka, Seremban and BatuPahat as well as a branch office in Cambodia.

Halim & Lee

Halim & Lee was established in 1983 and is a firm of chartered accountants providing accounting, payroll, insolvency, advisory, tax, auditing and corporate services. Situated in Damansara, the firm is helmed by its two partners – Kevin Lee Chew Yam and Hasan bin Husin.

DFK International

DFK International is ranked among the top 10 accounting firms and business advisors and has been offering its services to the public for more than 50 years. DFK has 202 member firms and 308 offices worldwide with its headquarters situated in London. It has a total of 1,179 partners and more than 10,040 staff in its offices across the world. In Malaysia, the independent member of DFK International is Folks DFK & Co.


so, after making some research. I personally has called the other 6 audit firm asking for the method of applying internship whether they prefer by email or by letter.  I also asked about is there any vacancy for internship in the firm.

well, frankly speaking.. at first i am really scared and terrified to call those companies. It feels like an adult while i am still teenager.. heh =_='.. sounds childish then. but at last, i managed to call and be processional while speaking and interacting with the staff via phone call. Now, i know that they are not monsters and they won't eat me if I ask questions. lol

oh.. for your information, in the email, you should attach your cover letter as well as your curriculum vitae (CV).. well, the cv should be compact and precise and 2-3 pages will be enough. If you kind of having a lot of activities and participation that you have involved in university, you can just explain about the most significant contribution and experience that you have. you may be asked further about it during the interview session..

there are some firms or even companies that will be conducting interview to shortlist the applicants for the internship. when you are being called for an interview, it means that your cv has meet the requirement and standards of the companies.

what matters now is that they want to look at you in personal, the way you bring yourself, either you are scared or you are very enthusiasm to join the company? they will look at your communication skills and also may ask you about the general knowledge too. (then, you should start prepare and read a lot from now) reading books is not  a crime, dude! .. you also need to find out about the company is really doing at the moment, so at least it will give you some ideas about the job scope and what you will be doing in the company.

after all the effort that i have done plus the most important thing, the help by Almighty..
finally, i got a phone call by HR officer from a company, who is arranging the interview for me.

(heart beat).

 i don't know how to react actually. it is too sudden.. OMG!!

i found this picture after 'googling' my own name. 
i used to be very certain that someday i will end up being a lecturer.
now. not anymore.
i think it is better for me to experience the industrial environment first
i am also have many opportunities to get involved in other field as well like being charted accountants, auditor, tax agent or up to the extent i could be CEO or CFO for a company.
if it still did not suits with me, then i should restructure my plan
further study maybe ? 
OZ ? NZ ? UK? Malaysia??

as man proposes, Allah disposes
manusia merancang, Allah yang menentukan.
segala-galanya ada dalam perancangan Dia.

may Allah ease this path.

to be continued...

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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Giveaways iCeps9 !!


Assalamualaikum guys and gals !!

This is the first time i join a contest or giveaway in blog and i am excited !! yeay!!

okay.. you might wonder what on earth is iCeps 9 about..
let me tell you.. ahah.. listen listen listen ..
iCeps stands for Islamic Convention of Entrepreneurship .
The number 9 representing our batch that being involve with this project.

Tell you what, from 26 till 29 September 2013, a lot of exciting, exhilarating, enjoyable and fun program await you guys.

I am really welcome all of you to come and gather at Pavillion, Kompleks Sukan Tuanku Najihah, Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia..

banyak aktiviti menarik menanti anda.. jom ajak semua ahli keluarga, jiran tetangga, sahabat handai !!

akhir zaman, betapa bahayanya ideologi syiah jika dipasakkan dalam minda ummat, kan merosak aqidah.
pentingnya ilmu dalam membuat penilaian antara yang hak dan yang batil !

berminat dalam bidang fotografi dan videografi? jom timba ilmu dan pengalaman dari yang pakar. :) hooray!

Baru menimang cahaya mata ? Create moment anda bersama si kecil dengan menyertai pertandingan bayi comel !! 

 sayang umi dengan abi !!

Anda berbakat dan kreatif dalam bidang fotografi dan videografi ?
Serlahkan kreativiti anda dengan menyertai pertandingan ini. 
Hadiah lumayan menanti anda.

Wah.. punya suara yang merdu ? ada band anda sendiri? mari kongsikan kelunakan suara anda di atas pentas !!

26 September 2013 (Khamis)
- Gerai jualan berlangsung selama 4 hari
- Pameran dari Agensi Jemputan
- Konvoi Berbasikal sempena pembukaan iCEPS9
- Forum Perdana Mesir: Revolusi atau Rampasan  HIGHLIGHT EVENT !!  8-11pm. 

27 September 2013 (Jumaat)

-PC Fair selama 3 hari
-Bicara Siswi “Muslimah & Kerjaya” 

- Konsert Simfoni Akustik bersama Syria & Gaza (Artis jemputan: Najwa Latif, Sham Kamikaze, UKAYS,  Onesoulz, The Bachelors) HIGHLIGHT EVENT !! 8-11 pm.

28 September 2013 (Sabtu)
- Radio iCEPS9 berkumandang
- Sukaneka Mahasiswa
- Spell-It-Right
- Penyampaian Hadiah Bagi Pertandingan Fotografi & Videografi .. HIGHLIGHT EVENT
- Islamic Business Plan Competition 

- Mini zoo (kucing, kuda, burung) HIGHLIGHT EVENT
- Pertandingan Nasyid Terbuka
- Malam Cinta Rasul bersama Habib Syech Assegaf (Ya Hanana)..HIGLIGHT EVENT 8-11pm

29 September 2013 (Ahad)
- Explorace
- Pertandingan Mewarna,,, HIGHLIGHT EVENT
- Program Derma Darah
- Sukan Rakyat
- Pertandingan Bayi Comel   HIGHLIGHT EVENT !!

*sebarang perubahan tertakluk kepada penganjur #iCEPS9

okay.. that's all from me..
oh yeah, in case if you want to join this giveaways contest, you can check it out at cik huda hassan blog. dateline - 1 October 2013. Hurry Up !!
And for your info, there a lot of philanthropic person, i mean those who are generous enough to be sponsors for this giveaway. Thank you so much. May Allah bless you and shower you with Happiness always :)

till we meet again.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

4 desserts 4 you !


Okay, kali ini, saya akan berkongsi resepi untuk 4 pencuci mulut yang sering saya sediakan untuk keluarga saya. Resepinya mestilah senang, bahan yang mudah didapati di pasaran dan paling penting rasanya mestilah sedap! in sha Allah, anda semua mesti boleh buat juga ! yeay!

1. Cheese Chocolate Moist Cake
Ni hasil masa first time buat. Alhamdulillah, terus jadi.

Bahan kek choc :

1 cwn koko
1cwn susu cair
1cwn minyak
1cwn gula
1/2 cwn susu pekat
(masak atas api) biar sejuk

1cwn tepung naik sendiri

3 biji telur (pukul sampai kembang)

masukkan (c) dlm bahan koko td..kacau...masukkan (b) kacau lg

bahan cheese

250g cream cheese
60g gula castor
25ml air
1 biji telur
25g tpg gandum

pukul semua bahan kecuali telur
pukul sampai kembang dan gebu
masukkan telur pukul lg

dh siap semua kukus selang seli mcm wt kuih lapis

 2. Pavlova Serenity 

First time beli pavlova. Harga RM 20 jual di Bakeri. Terus bersemangat nk cuba buat sendiri oh.

Ni first trial - pavlova with strawberries, grapes and kiwis

Ni tatau da buat kali ke berapa - pavlova with cantaloupe, grapes and love <3 td="">


4 biji putih telur
1/4 cawan gula
2 sdt tepung jagung
1 sdt esen vanila
1 cwn whipping krim Rich 

Buah Hiasan (ikut suka)
Cantaloupe/ Tembikai susu

1. Pukul putih telur sampai ringan, halus dan gebu, sampai bila terlangkupkan mangkuk, putih telur tu tak jatuh.
2. Masukkan gula. Pukul lagi. Masukkan tepung jagung dan esen vanila. Pukul rata. 
3. Panaskan oven selama 15 min pada suhu 150'C, kemudian turunkan pada suhu 130'C bila nak masukkan pavlova dan bakar selama 1 jam.  Bila da siap bakar, biar je pavlova rehat dalam oven dulu.
Ini akan menghasilkan pavlova yang crispy di luar dan chewy di dalam, macam marshmallow! .
4. Kemudian, bolehlah letak whipping krim atas pavlova. Hiaskan dengan buah kesukaan. Yeay!

3. Pizza D'Tira

this is not the first time definitely, requested by Ayah . 3 pans at once. hoh


2 sdt yis
5 sdt air suam
175 g tepung gandum biasa 
2 sdt minyak masak
secubit garam
air secukupnya

Bahan Topping (ikut suka)

sos Tomato
daging cincang
capsicum/ lada benggala
cendawan butang


1. Larutkan yis dalam air suam dulu. Kacau dgn sudu. 
2. Letak tepung gandum dalam mangkuk. Masukkan minyak masak dan garam. Buatkan bulatan di tengah mangkuk dan masukkan yis. 
3. Uli doh sambil masukkan sedikit air. Uli lagi. Doh menjadi bila tak melekat di tangan. Agak2 melekat tu, tambah tepung sikit2. 
4. Rehatkan doh selama 1 jam untuk bagi yis naik. Kemudian, uli semula bila hendak digunakan.
5. Bentukkan doh menjadi bulat macam pizza hut tu, letakkan sos tomato atas doh sebagai topping. Hiaskan dengan daging cincang, hotdog, capsicum, cheese dan cendawan butang. 
6. Bakar dalam oven selama 20 min dengan suhu 150'C.

4. Popia Goreng Pedas 

first trial, ni resepi Mak Angkat. Memang Terangkat !!

Bahan-bahan :

1 btg lobak merah
1 btg timun
 (hiris panjang-panjang dan nipis-nipis 3 bahan di atas)
 kulit popia
sedikit tepung gandum digaul dengan air (jadi gam popia).

Bahan cili 
10 cili kering (telah direndam dalam air panas terlebih dahulu, blend)
3 ulas bawang putih (dicincang halus)
3 sdt bijan
5 sdt gula
1sdt garam

Cara-cara :
1. Gaul rata lobak merah, sengkuang dan timun yang telah dipotong panjang tadi dengan sedikit garam.
2. Letakkan isi dalam kulit popia. Gulungkan dan gamkan hujung popia dengan tepung gandum.
3. Goreng dengan minyak penuh sampai garing.
4. Untuk sambal pedas atas popia, tumis bawang putih sampai wangi. Masukkan cili kering, masak sampai pecah minyak. Letak gula dan garam. Kacau rata sampai pekat dan likat. Akhir sekali, tabur bijan bagi penambah rasa. 

Ulasan Little Chef :

Untuk cheese chocolate moist Cake, resepinya sangat senang dan sedap. Nampak macam mahal tapi kos murah je sebenarnya.  Saya selalu buat untuk keluarga, even jiran pun minat makan kek coklat moist. Bila nak buat teringat orang2 yang semangat nak makan dan bagi sokongan, lagi la semangat saya nak masak. heh.

 Pavlova pula sangat senang. Resepi yang sangat ringkas dan berbaloi untuk dicuba. Kalau kat Secret Recipes mahal ow, why not buat sendiri? kos pun jimat, kepuasan pun dapat.

Membuat Pizza amat menuntut kesabaran yang tinggi. Percaya atau tidak, saya da buat pizza berpuluh-puluh kali. Cubaan yang bermula dengan kegagalan yang berturut-turut dan akhirnya membuahkan hasil bila doh yang dihasilkan gebu dan sedap. Kalau dulu orang makan topping je, tinggal crust tu. Sekarang tak lagi! .. Resepi ni adalah gabungan resepi yang saya reka sendiri plus dengan tips dari Mak Angkat. Tidakku sangka membuat pizza semudah ini. cewah.

Popia goreng pedas adalah 100% resepi Mak Angkat saya. Beliau berniaga di bazar ramadhan Melaka Baru. Bila dapat resepi dari peniaga ni, pehh memang tak lepaskan peluang la untuk belajar dan amik tips2 penting bila buat kuih. Yang penting berniaga mestilah ikhlas dan jujur.. hoho.. Saya ada juga belajar kuih tepung pelita, karipap pusing, laksa penang.. tapi belum master lagi =_='. Nanti bila da jadi saya share ye, in sha Allah. 

Pokok pangkalnya, da bagi resepi. Yang penting RAJIN untuk mencuba sesuatu yang baru. 
Kejayaan tidak datang bergolek, ia bermula dari langkah kecil dan bertemu dengan kegagalan demi kegagalan sebelum mengecap manisnya kejayaan. 

Sekian dulu dari saya,
buat akhirnya, saya ingin mengucapkan 

Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir dan Batin
Raikan Aidilfitri dengan penuh kesyukuran 

-little chef-
0028 : 090813

Friday, June 28, 2013

CueTue Adventure, Tips and Sharing Moment

Assalamualaikum guys and gals !!

Lama rasanya tidak menulis. Okay, kali ini saya akan berkongsi tentang aktiviti hiking yang terbaru adalah misi menawan Gunung Kutu yang terletak di Kuala Kubu Baru pada 13-14 April 2013 yang lalu.

Ekspedisi ini telah disertai oleh 30 orang = kaki hiking ♥

Disebabkan 4  bulan telah berlalu dari peristiwa hiking ni, untuk bercerita tentang aktiviti2 da tak ingat sangat da.. so, I will try sharing tips and advices especially for addicted hikers for a great hiking experience !

1. Betulkan niat. Mohon doa sungguh-sungguh dalam hati agar segalanya dipermudahkan. Agar pendakian tidak sia2, niat tadabbur alam untuk mendekatkan diri lagi dengan Sang Pencipta. Moga kita menjadi hamba-Nya yang bersyukur.

2. Bawa air. 2 atau 3 botol besar. Perjalanan mendaki gunung sangatlah mencabar fizikal dan mental. Dan akan terasa sangat dahaga!.  Kalau boleh bawak juga choc sebab tu bagi fast energy untuk badan.

3. Pakai sarung tangan untuk mengelakkan daripada bahaya terpegang benda-benda secara direct macam terpegang duri atau ulat ke. At least, tak kena terus kat tapak tangan tu. Untuk kasut, kalau boleh cari kasut getah, standard RM 12 je kat Giant tu.

Kasut getah ni bagus, sebab apa ? kadang- kita akan lalu sungai  atau kawasan yang berlumpur atau berlecak. So, kasut getah ni dapat tahan dari stoking basah dan akhirnya menyebabkan kaki kecut. Hari tu, saya pakai kasut sukan je, habis stoking basah semua.. Lesson learnt!

4. Kotak kecemasan mestilah mempunyai alatan yang lengkap. In case, kalau nak cari ubat tengah-tengah hutan tu senang. Lagi satu, kalau boleh bawa sorang dua kawan-kawan yang ada ilmu tentang perubatan dan menangani hal-hal kecemasan macam budak PBSM ke, budak medic ke. At least ada orang yang kita boleh refer kalau apa-apa hal.

5. Berjalan kat tengah-tengah hutan tu mestilah dalam kumpulan - dalam 2 atau 3 orang. Berjalan seorang diri is a big NO. Nanti sesat, siapa susah? nak contact orang lain, bajet tengah hutan tu dapat line?? Lagi satu, kalau ada kawan-kawan kita yang penat, rehat dulu.. apa salahnya tunggu dia habis lelah, bukan nak kejar pegi mana pun. Nak daki gunung sama-sama, then tawan puncak pun sama-sama la.

6. Ok, ni optional. Bawa la camera atau fon korang yang canggih tu. Snap, snap and snap!! view dekat tengah hutan dan puncak sangat la osem kot !! Subhanallah.

kitorang tak habis-habis rasa macam dalm cerita 'Siti di Alam Fantasi'.. tak pun macam Snow White masuk hutan .. haha

7. Agak-agak lost dalam hutan tu, perhatikan pokok-pokok sekeliling. Kalau nak daki gunung ni, kita mestilah bukan orang yang pertama en? da ramai orang yang treasure dulu sebelum kita. So, kemungkinan besar untuk pokok yang bertanda tu ada.

Macam dekat gunung kutu, bila mana kami menjumpai dua simpang - akan ada satu pokok yang bertanda dengan tape AWAS. so, kami tau direction nya kena ikut arah pokok tu.

8. Kalau boleh sebelum pendakian, buat research dulu tentang tempat yang kita nak pergi tu. At least kita ada sedikit gambaran tentang tempat dan bersedia menghadapi sebarang kemungkinan.

9. Elakkan membawa barang-barang yang tidak perlu di dalam beg. Cuba ringankan beg seringan yang boleh, tapi makanan wajib bawa. Nanti lapar ~ No excuse for food. hehe

10. Rancang dan usahakan aktiviti yang best-best dekat puncak macam masak nasi sama-sama, masak air, masak maggi dalam tin sardin =_='

walaupun benda-benda simple, tapi bila buat sama-sama then it will create a very beautiful moment together =)

Experience. Moment. Together


That's all from me. Hope you enjoy it.

Ramadhan akan datang beberapa hari sahaja lagi
Jom prepare untuk rebut Ramadhan pula !! 

Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Assalamualaikum, guys and gals..

Long time no chit chat, huh?
Okay, now I am back !! (give me a standing ovation, big clap please !..haha)

I just want to share my artwork on prezi.
Miss Ummi told us to make a presentation by using our own creativity by using video, writing poem, singing or by using prezi..

so, among those options, I chose Prezi instead of video (because I am still pioneer and it will be time consuming if I want to make video), writing poem ( oh, i am lost.. to recite poem, yes.. but to write poem, err? ), singing (oh please, I never do it in public except national songs and other official songs). That's it. Prezi !

What on earth Prezi is? yeah, I knew you might wondering about it.
Prezi is a space where you could develop and make your slide in a very creative and attractive ways.
It's some sort of Microsoft Power Point but what makes it differences is it can zoom, it can jump into another slide like frog jumping from one stone to another (cliche, give frog as example?? =_=' ) and the most important thing is it makes your presentation looks elegant, presentable and exciting.

Prezi  is a very user-friendly website. You will understand the application quickly and it helps you a lot in making slides for presentation and submitting your assignment. I have used Prezi to make a presentation on Fiduciary Duties last semester. Recently, when Miss Ummi asked us to make presentation by using Prezi, I smile very widely. No big deal ! hehe

So, I just want to share my creativity with Prezi. Hoo yeah, check it out !

I hope you gain something from my presentation ('')(^_^)
yeah, sometimes we need to view something from different perspectives and learn to diversify our knowledge, only then we will learn.

Okay, that's enough I guess.
Till we meet again.

-finding serene-

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Thailand, here we come !

Assalamualaikum. Lama rasanya saya tidak menulis. 3 bulan (pheww).

Alhamdulillah, awal bulan Februari yang lalu saya berkesempatan menyertai Lawatan Antarabangsa bersama 67 pelajar yang lain ke Thailand..

 say what? Sawadeekaaa~

Lawatan Antarabangsa ni bertujuan untuk membuka mata dan minda pelajar serta memberi peluang kepada kami untuk belajar budaya, makanan serta cara pembelajaran yang berbeza di tempat lain. Selain itu, ia juga mampu mendidik pelajar agar lebih berdikari, yakin diri serta bersedia dengan apa jua yang mendatang (if you know what I mean).

Bagi saya, program ini agak berjaya. Bukan mudah sebenarnya untuk mengutip dana, membuat paperwork dan sebagainya. Kalau tidak, tak merasalah saya cabut rumput rumah orang, cuci longkang, handle event, pergi Cerakah n etc etc .. Semua ni memberi pengalaman yang bernilai dan membuat saya membuka mata bahawa mendapat duit yang beribu riban bukanlah satu kerja yang mudah. Tapi, sebab nk travel kan.. btw, Man Jadda, wa Jada

So, here is our itinery
4 Februari 2013
 11.00 am - bertolak dari FEM

5 Februari 2013
09.00am - 10.00 am : Bertolak dari Bukit Kayu Hitam
02.00 pm : Tiba di Tungsong, Nakhon Sithamarat (Mkn & Solat)
10.00 pm – 12.00 am : Tiba di Chungkong (Mkn Mlm & Solat)

06 Februari 2013
06.00 am : Tiba di Pratchurat (mkn/solat/berehat)
08.00 am : Pasar Terapung (Floating Market) di Dam Non Saduak
10.30 am : Bertolak ke Bank Islamic, Bangkok
01.00 pm : Bank Islamic, Bangkok
05.00 pm : Check-in regend Hotel
8.00 pm : Ke Muslim Seafood (Mkn Sebanyak mungkin dgn syarat akan didenda jika makanan tidak dihabis)
10.00 pm : Pasar Malam terbesar Di bangkok

 07 Februari 2013
07.00 am : Sarapan
08.00 am : Betolak ke Kasim Bundit University
10.00 am : Lawatan ke PANYAPIWAT Institute of Management
06.00 pm : Kanchana Buri ( Menginap di Rumah Rakit)

08 Februari 2013 09.00 am : Jambatan Maut (keretapi Maut masa Zaman Jepun)
04.00 am : Pantai Chak Arm
08.00 pm : Bertolak ke Songkla

09 Februari 2013
09.00 am : Tiba Di Pantai Goro Songkla
02.30 pm : Tiba di Bukit Kayu Hitam

okay, basically i will explained our journey based on pictures. enjoy!

meet my partner, tikanor. A very hardworking s/u and kind hearted too :)

ceria je muka-muka ni. aten, mas dan ecah. bas 1 in memory. cayalah!. memandangkan masa kami banyak terluang dalam bas, sampai 4 cerita movie hantu siam ditayangkan. haih.. sabar je la. Saya memang tak layan la citer2 hantu ni kan.. heh. but tell you what, watching those movies make me braver. at the end, saya among yang request tayang citer hantu siam, walaupun tak paham satu apa dia cakap. hehe. 

@ one of the Muslim Restaurant. tak ingat dah kat mana sebab most of the time kami tidur dalam bas, then bila ada pitstop turun makan dengan muka mamai. hehe.. just nak share, word yang paling common kami tau sawadeekaa je. heh. tapi sebenarnya kan cara sebutan tu lain tau berdasarkan gender. macam untuk laki kita greet 'sawadeekapp', then untuk perempuan 'sawadeekaa'.. okay, sebut biar lemah lembut gitu. ahaks

pemandangan Menam Chao Phraya. dulu belajar je time Sejarah, tak sangka dapat tengok dengan mata kepala sendiri. Alhamdulillah. kalau korang nampak la kan, tepi2 tu rumah yang dibina atas sungai. Interesting kan?

Makan2 di Muslim Seafood. Kelakar sungguh time ni. Agak2 datang restaurant thailand, dengar lagu siam la kan? tup tup, restaurant ni pasang lagu Siti Nurhaliza sebab meraikan kedatangan kami dari Malaysia ni. :)

Makan ! paling sedap ayam dan daging sebab da marinate very2 well dengan perencah . guess what apa kat tangan saya tu? for sure la my favourite, ketam! wee 

capture the moment. Happy. Bliss. Serene

Peace ^_^

Lorong 22 ialah tanda untuk sampai ke hotel. Ada sekali tu, kami diberi peluang untuk ke pasar malam terpanjang di Thailand. Dari tapak pasar malam ke hotel kami terpaksa berjalan sejauh 2 km. Sebab kami tak jumpa2 simbol lorong 22, kami ingat da sesat da tengah2 negara orang tu. Rupanya sebab hotel tu jauh lagi. Alhamdulillah tak putus asa berjalan walaupun time tu banyak kali jugak la berhenti sebab penat. 

           berjalan dengan ekin ('',) hehe.. tak beli apa sangat pun, habis RM 4.90 je kat pasar malam ni - tu pun beli spec hitam buat bergaya. haha

Breakfast @ Regent Hotel with asirah, me, marliana . A Muslim Hotel. Sangat2 bersih. even pelayan2 pun pakai tudung cantik2. Yakin sket nak enjoy makan2 tu kan?

Athirahs @ Kasem Bundit Universiti.

Kami bersama tenaga pengajar Kasem Bundit Universiti. Basically universiti ni best gler. Ada swimming pool, bowling, padang dan banyak lagi. hoho. I did ask one of the lecturer about the main language that being used in this university. Of course Thailand Language. Unless if I am taking International Subject, so it will be taught in English.
Highlight event - pergi melawat PIM (Panyapiwat Institute of Management). As a token of appreciation, PIM gave us a notebook each. tu yang Maryam pegang. Kap Kun Khaa

tambah ilmu =)

okay, saya share la sikit apa yang saya dapat ya. Kami dengar taklimat pasal Cabaran Negara Thailand untuk menyertai AEC (Asian Economy Community). dimana AEC adalah satu langkah menyatukan negara-negara Asean dalam bidang ekonomi. We will work as ONE. okay, one of the challenges that need to be face by Thailand is the level of proficiency in English is very low. Thailand has been ranked to be in 49th among Asean countries which mean low proficiency while Malaysia has been ranked to be in 9th which represent quite high proficiency in English.

with yaya, wan, nadia :) okay, for your information, there are only 3 public listed companies in Thailand namely CPF (Agriculture based company), True (Service Provider for Telecommunication) and lastly CPO (focusing on retailing). Tell you what, no wonder la kami jumpa banyak sangat 7 eleven dekat Thailand ni sebab rupanya semua ni under CPO dan ada lebih kurang 6000 7 eleven di Thailand. Tentang CPF - satu company yang saya rasa sangat berjaya dan sepatutnya dikuasai oleh Muslim. Bayangkan dari proses menternak ayam, mengutip telur, memproses nuget sampai la pembuatan sosej, semuanya dikuasai oleh satu company- bermakna syarikat ni memang menguasai pasaran. Tu tak yah cakap lagi lembu, itik, sayur-sayuran, padi.. .. memang hebat lah.

 di Rumah Rakit. me, azie, nadia, maryam, ekin =)

sawadeekaa~ ha, belakang tu la gambaran Rumah Rakit. besar tak besar, ada dua tingkat, siap ada dapur, toilet sume. nak citer pun tak reti sangat, datang n rasa sendiri eh. baru feel :)

prepare breakfast atas rumah rakit. terbaik betulla.. boleh masak nasi, goreng telur, ayam segala atas rumah rakit ni. ni antara crew2 yang tolong2 sediakan breakfast.

Breakfast sambil melayani pemandangan indahnya tasik dan gunung ganang ciptaan Tuhan. Subhanallah, tenang sangat. Pengalaman yang takkan dapat kat Malaysia. Dan sebenarnya time ni Rumah Rakit ni dah bergerak menuju jeti balik

Salah satu keunikan Thailand ialah mereka berniaga di atas air. I mean guna bot la kan?..Tu tengah berlaku proses jual beli dengan rumah rakit jiran. Nampak tak ada cam periuk tu, ha jangan main2 atas bot pun ada tong gas, boleh goreng pisang you !

ada satu tempat ni, tengah-tengah bangkok, deretan bangunan yang dibina khas untuk menjual cenderamata. Tell you what, kedai2 yang jual2 tu sangat awesome. Basically kami tak beli sangat pun barang kat situ, lebih kepada tangkap gambar.. snap, snap n snap sebab pemandangan dia sangat superb. with afiqah :)

di  antara bunga-bunga plastik, ada satu je yang hidup. hehe


with Mr. Lollipop :)

Photoshoot bersama Marliana di Pantai Goro , Songkla.
sailormoon in the making?? 

Okay, 2 gambar di atas ni diambil dekat Jambatan Maut, Sungai Kwai, Kanchanaburi. Sebab apa dinamakan Jambatan Maut? sebab dalam pembinaan jambatan ketika Perang Dunia Kedua,  ribuan nyawa buruh kasar dikorbankan hanya semata-mata untuk membina jambatan ni. So, sekarang tempat ni macam da jadi tarikan pelancong dan dikekalkan untuk memperingati pengorbanan buruh2 tu serta kekejaman penjajah dulu2. We used to learn about this Jambatan Maut in History during Secondary School, remember??
mariam, athirahs , hayati
 (gaya yati da macam nak tolak minah saleh tu je. hehe)

okay, gambar lagi. dalam lif. tell you what, i love budak yang pegang fon tu. hehe. She was born in August, also the eldest daughter and share the same name with me - Athirah. awesome :)

Okay, ni kat floating market di Dam Non Saduak. tell you what, memang traffic jam la kan. Bila banyak2 bot yang lalu lalang, haha.. terrific! Mostly yang naik bot ni pun tourist, yang kami sempat greet tourist dari England dengan Korea. haha.. Seronok sangat .

ni dekat Dam Non Saduak tadi. setengah jam je boleh naik bot tadi pun.. then, jalan2 la kat pasar. haha. dekat pasar pun boleh pegang harimau.. haha. tapi kalau nak pegang2 n tangkap gambar dengan harimau ni kena bayar 100 baht (RM 10). oh.. tak berani okay !.. lagipun harimau tengah tidur. tak baik kacau.. hehe.. i bet tuan tu da bagi makan kenyang2 dekat harimau.. sebab tu dia tidur kekenyangan.. kalau tak, abes la~  tu belum lagi ada peluang pegang ular.. hoh, pelik2 la. Pasar kat Malaysia tak de pun macam ni. paling koman orang jual ikan gapi je buat hiasan :p

Us @ Rumah Rakit

Saya da pergi Singapura dan Thailand, tapi yang terbaik tetap Malaysia. Betullah kata orang, hujan emas di negara orang, hujan batu di negeri sendiri. Lebih baik di negeri sendiri.
Sampai disini sahaja perkongsian saya pada kali ini.  Moga ada pertambahan input untuk korang semua.
Untuk adik-adik yang sedang merancang LA, bersabarlah dalam setiap tindakan, kerana pada akhirnya manis juga yang akan korang temui, insya-Allah. Buat rakan-rakan yang belum melaksanakan LA, all the best untuk segalanya!

Untuk kawan-kawan accounting, batch 5 yang pergi Thailand dan Beijing - korang memang awesome !!

p/s : khas untuk kawan2. hehe.. bukan senang saya nak buat video tau! heh.. bukannya master sgt pun tapi cukuplah untuk merakam kenangan kita bersama ya ! enjoy sampai minit yang terakhir tau! eheh :)