Friday, May 21, 2010

kids ~ aiyaii, sweetie pie

i didn't realize that the presence of kids somehow changed my life.. a little bit =)

at first, i dunno what the heck i am going to do at the kindergarten..
i marched in to the center of the class, glancing to all the noisy, feeling dizzy and then i shouted at them
'shut up'..

they just keep silent for five seconds and then, things turned to upside down again..

well, sometimes i lost my tempered okay, it's natural..heh

how could i face this for extra one month?

then, my perception change..

when a boy named azril hugged me from back tightly,
he doesn't have to say that he loves me,
action speak louder than word, aite?
saayaang cikgu tira

i just keep smiling on him..
wow, such an adorable kid.. :)

then, some incidents happen made me even happier
danial and harith were fighting over each other ..
just because they want to sit beside me.. hahaha..
okay, it's a little bit of nasty to laugh in front of them..
but my eyes keep laughing..

the way they grab my hand slowly,
to seek for help, to support them, to lead them..
it's showed how sincere they are

and their sparkling eyes told me everything
aiyyaii, i felt in love with them..

plus the small Ainun, which is 4 years old girl
running toward me
and kissing me on my cheek .. * blushing..

it's feel good okay..
when you know that there are someone else loves you instead of yourself..
to love people n being love back


take 2 minutes, to think for those people
-who you used to hate them..
it's not late to start loving them
life is too short, for all hatred and revenge..
ye know !!

this is ainun's drawing, cute right?
life is full of colors
so, live your life to the fullest

unexpected gifts
i do not asked for this
a bunch of thanks dear
cikgu tira will always keep you in her heart
once i love you, it's remain always :)

May Allah Bless Us


tepianmuara said...


suddenly, u r the prized asset.
teringat nenek aku,
memang jadi rebutan kitorang cucu-cucu.

dan sangat suka lagu ni.

matadore said...

kids are the most sincere out of all ;)

miss s.e.r.e.n.i.t.y said...

> hanif

prized asset???
hahaha... *rolling eyes
i take that as compliment?

lagu ni memang doubt

> farha jalila

yeah.. betul2
ey paa, awak pun sincere jugak kan?

matadore said...

ehemm.. haha