Friday, July 10, 2009

A note of advice

Assalaa mualaikum,

How's the laptop? Already setup?

The laptop is for :

1) downloading lecture notes
2) emailing to lecturers for asking any questions from downloaded materials and also for communication with friends

Hope the multimedia facility will not distract your daily college works. Do concentrate on your study and avoid hanging up to internet for too long. Your only mission there is to perform every semester with CGPA of 4.0



siti-situ-sana-sini said...

pesanan aja jugak!!


khaliesahkamal said...

dan kte jugak!!

Anonymous said...

plus, harness it for doin da'wa..

keep it up fren!

Athirah said...

> siti

hehe..tenkiu maa

Athirah said...

> khaliesah

ni copy paste aja la ni ek?
heehee.. syukran ya sohibati

Athirah said...


insya-Allah, tugas dakwah, tugas semua
let's doin da'wa..