Wednesday, October 7, 2009

give it thought for sure

something interesting....

one big company was hiring new staff, the question of the written exam is :

You are driving a car..

on one big storm..

and you are passing a station..

there are three people who are waiting for the bus

- one old lady who is dying

- one doctor who saved your life

- one guy/lady who is someone you have been dreaming to set married to.

you can only choose one passenger, which one you will choose?..
please explain your answer..

p/s : you are given one month to answer this question.
think deeply before you answer it, okay !! daa~


Anonymous said...

i giv the car to the doc to drive,

along with my dream woman~

Than, i hope my deeds will be d witness s i can not stand to see the old lady dies alone...

Athirah said...


memandangkan ko sorang je jwb soklan pelik ni..kira betulla jawapan ko walaupun salah..hehe

well, ada org len jawab bagi kunci kereta tu kat doc biar doc tu drive old lady pegi hospital..

tapi jawapan y ok gak ialah memilih the lady/guy sebab tu je peluang ko utk berjumpa ngan perfect lover..haha..mengarut2..

goodluck eh exam..