Friday, December 31, 2010

how do you define love?

I am not just focusing the palsy-love between a guy and a lady. I am talking about the whole meaning of love..

you can’t just simply answer me with love is cinta.. What is the meaning of sayang then?
Love is something abstract. Something you feel deeply in your heart and you know when you love someone. It is just happen. Like mothers, you knew that they love you and always do. Love is useless if you just keep saying it without showing that you are really care. Action speaks louder than word. How a mother manages of having a baby in her tummy for 9 months and it is not that her baby is doing nothing. He or she will kick her and it is hurt, a lot. But the mother will keep saying that it is going to be fine. And the most happiest moment in her life is when she heard her first baby crying and when she saw the cute litte fella in her arm.. “oh, my little baby.. Alhamdulillah”

Father also loves you but in many way difference from your mother. They are very protective of you. They are working hard to earn some money so he manages to feed his family and they will feel useless if they fail to do so. The way they hug you during your first day at Standard 1 and he will say, “everything will be fine, dear”. and He just smile widely when you try to stop crying and sobbing. “I will take you at 6 pm. Don’t worry okay. You got great teachers here”. Then, he kisses you on both of your cheeks. It all showed how much they love you.

and, what do you do? nothing. you are not afford to repay all of their kindness. Not even one. you are very weak!

what do you do when your mother busy at kitchen preparing the dishes for the family?.. what do you do when your mother feel tired and itches at her back? what do you do when your father cough loudly just because fish’s bone stuck in his mouth? what do you do when your little sister fail in her add math? what do you do when your parent are not at home and the house turns upside down? what do you do ?

nothing!! you just keep complain that everything is not going well.. you complain but you never ever think to lend a help.. have you?

yes, I knew that you have many responsibilities especially about your study. you are exaggerating ! please don’t forget that you have the bigger responsibilities than that. You have a parent and siblings. You also have responsibilities toward them. Have you ever forgotten?

let me tell you what love means again even I had to say it twice. It is not just a word. Love is the feeling and the action. If you are not managing to help your mother in the kitchen, don’t you dare thinking of marriage because you will treat your wife just like your mother – a maid.

Love means you are willing to sacrifice for your love ones. no matter how hard it takes, you will try to do it. Like mum, even giving birth of a baby could cause them to die, they still trying their best to give birth the cutest baby in the world – which is you.

so what have you done in return? tell you what, scoring straight A’s doesn’t mean enough that you love them. yeah, they may proud of you. but, what they need is your attention and your love. and the most important thing is they are hoping that you turns into a good person, a real human indeed. the one who can be ‘imam’ for the ‘solat jenazah’ if they died. The one who could recites al-fatihah and yasin when they are ‘sleeping’ in their graves.

now, they are still alive. so, grab this chance to tell them how much you love them and show them how much you care before it is too late. consider it as your second chance because not many people in this world get it. do you get it?

even it takes years for you to understand and to define what the ‘real love’ means, then go for it. But don’t take it too long, okay!..

the enD~

p/s : somehow, I feel weird saying this out loud in my blog but there is something inside me urged me to post this. I hope you understand – what I am trying to say. sorry for the lousy English but I am still trying to improve it as ayah said that my written English is better than my speaking. well, we will see ^__^. till then.

May Allah Bless Us


analisiszikri said...

love is an action..

miss s.e.r.e.n.i.t.y said...

i couldn't agree more