Tuesday, April 27, 2010

ouh tamhidi

assalamualaikum w.b.t

as you know, i have finished my studies in USIM..(huhu)
i mean my foundation in accounting

for this becoming July,
we are going to be the intermediate students at FEM (Fakulti of Economy and Muamalat)
there are 4 courses being offered to us ;
-accounting (ye have to achieve 3 pointer n above to take this course, i am sure that you guys could make it !! =)
-muamalat ( it's called business admin in other uni)
-corporate management
-marketing ( it's just not my interest..full stop~)

usim tries so hard to get "muamalat" name from kpt instead of business admin..
they are really proud to use Arabic even in faculty's name..
even tamhidi is Arabic also.. it means = preparation

for me, i just don't mind.. =)
maybe it's made usim differs from other uni, i guess..

* * * * * * * * * *

for my friends,
especially tutorial group 2..
i am gonna miss you guys..
for such a precious moment..
and our memory will be engraved in my heart eternally..

~picnic at blue lagoon
~dinner at restaurant amira
~explorace at usim and PD
~farewell dinner at tiara beach resort

group 2..
kak mi, aina, aini, asirahnor, yatt, yana, azie, zack, ziqa, mai, asma, ida, zati, ika n me
azam, taufik, rafi, subini, pian, amirul

guys, thanks for everything ..
whenever you go,
you are always be my friend,
and forever will be..

an exhausting explorace, for me lahh
at last we made it !! haha..
the last clue made me puzzle actually..
find the best debator ??
n he is gone.. peh..
is it explorace or you are playing hide n seek with us?
lucky me, it's over ~fuhh

taklimat after subuh ??
it's hard to be such a good listener..
everybody feels so sleepy..
so do i.. =P

our farewell dinner
everybody seems to look cute n beautiful.. tomey2
'malam tautan kasih rantaian ukhuwah
i hope you enjoy the door gifts..
it's hard to satisfy everybody right?

i am happy to see the smile on your face
while you are getting rid of the wrappers.
hehe.. the smile of 700 mega watt
it's kill me ..

a jiwang performance from group 4.. i thought
no offense ey !! hehe

Ada masa kita perlu menangis
agar kita tahu Dunia ni bukan hanya untuk kita Ketawa..
Ada masa kita perlu Ketawa
agar kita tahu betapa bernilainya Setitis air mata,
Ada masa kita perlu ada seorang teman
agar kita tak kesunyian
Dan ada masa kita kesunyian
membuatkan kita tidak akan pernah lupa
betapa bernilainya

once again..
a thousand thanks and hug from me, friends
let us pray for our bright future.. =)

May Allah Bless


tepianmuara said...


moga terus selamat dalam langkah seterusnya.

miss s.e.r.e.n.i.t.y said...

> tepianberenang

terima kasih atas doanya