Sunday, April 4, 2010

exam mood

assalamualaikum to all the visitors..

i am so glad that even though i'm not update my crystal, the web counters still changing..
sorry that i'm late.. sorry for making you feel worry about me..

i just wanna share something.. something that i got from kak Min.. she was our senior too

she started the discussion(usrah) by asking when the exam will be held.. ahh, everybody seems busy to study..

but nobody think that it's just an exam at dunia..
they work so hard n struggle so much just because they saw the rewards..
if they study, then they could get 4 flat..

how about our preparation for the exam at akhirat ??
why we become so busy to get flying colors in exam but at the same time our relationship with Allah become far apart...??

just because we saw the rewards in dunia.. we will become success n famous for what we had done.. just because..

Allah shows us the rewards that we will get after we prayed..
after we helped people.. after we done a charity,
of course..
everybody will do a lot of good deeds..
as they are seeking for the rewards..

but why we are not doing good deeds ??
because we don't see the Jannah..
a place where there is no tear n sadness on our face..
Jannah n being bless by Allah are the most valuable rewards compared to other rewards in dunia..

i am not saying that we should't prepare for our exam..
Noo.. don't get me wrong...
we ought to work hard in order to achieve our goals.. our aims..
but at the same time,
do remember our responsibilities as a slave of Allah..

it's will be good if we spend time after solah to read al-quran and tadabbur it as well..
our dunia n akhirat will be balance...

facing an examination should not be an obstacle for us to be close with our Creator..
keep praying at Him..
put your trust on Him..
and He will helps you no matter what..

the only difference is whether your du'aa will be granted sooner or later..

i should put an end here..

May Allah bless you..
12.30 p.m


matadore said...

thx reminding :)

dAk aDaB said...

bittaufiq ye...

miss s.e.r.e.n.i.t.y said...

> matadore

la syukra ala' wajib

> dak adab

hehe.. doakan ey...
bila awak nak blek mesia ni..

dAk aDaB said...

hehehe..inshaAllah kte blek nek kuwait air..dh dtunda tarikh balek..

miss s.e.r.e.n.i.t.y said...

i am waiting..
countdown nie..