Tuesday, September 15, 2009

the biggest appreciation to :

recently, i miss my school so much..no, i mean my ex-schools..

so, now..i want to list out all of my schools..

1) Tadika Islam, Gombak (5 - 6 tahun)

2) SRK Taman Selayang 1, Gombak (darjah 1 -5)

3) SRA Al-Humaira', Gombak (darjah 1-5)

4) SRK Bandar Tasik Puteri, Rawang (darjah 6)

5) SRA Integrasi As-Siddiqin, Rawang (darjah 6)

6) SAM Sungai Merab Luar, Bangi (ting. 1)

7) SAM Bandar Baru Salak Tinggi, Sepang (ting. 2-3)

8) SAM Bestari, Usj (ting. 4-5)

it quite long, right?

Anyways, i got a lot of friends..well, of course..they came with difference background and personalities..

Alhamdulillah, this give me a lot of opportunities..

can u imagine how many people I recognize in Usim..
let's check it out !!

1) Syikin (my old besties..guess what, when I enter Usim.. I was so surprise that I met her because she was my old best friend when I was in secondary 3 until 5..and for your info, I had lost contact with her for almost 5 years.. I really love her..Thanks God.. I found her)

2) Nabila Hanis (my neighbour..nothing to say..but she was very nice girlz)

3) Mahfuzah (my old best friend too..since I have slept in her house when I was in Form 1, so it make me get close with her until now =)..and her family know me..even her bro..err, anything wrong with that?..hehe)

4)Kak Aisyah (she was my room-mate at SAM BBST..and now, she was taking Fiqh Fatwa at degree level, really respect her..huu)

5)Kak Syafiqah (hmm..at first i don't recognize her, it was too long-5 years..she was my senior when i was in form 1..but she recognize me very well, even my name too..ohh, really ashamed with her at that time T_T )

6) Kak Zeta (she was my senior when I was in form 2..now, she was taking Pengajian Al-Quran dan Hadith..she really cute, trust me !..wee)

7) Kak Amanina (urm..she also my senior..her face was same with our math teacher, oh..miss.... forgot her name already...so sorry)

8) Halimatun Saadiah (my old friend when I was in Form 1-3..I really really jealous with her..you know what..she always slept during classes..mostly during math..but she manage to score 100 most of the time..well, if you want to compare with me, I have to study smart + hard..then, it will be equal with her result..and now, she was taking Tamhidi Perakaunan and Muamalat too..Same with me.. :D )

9) Nurul (actually I forget her real name..that was one of my weaknesses- always forget people's name but seriously I recognize her face, okay.. I met her at my driving school..haha..)

10) Siti Syazni (knowing her - funny, I think.. I am so surprise when I met her..you know why, at first..I know her through friendster at the end of 2008..then, we continue our friendship through blogspot..and now we met each other at Usim..lucky me, she was not a guy *blushing already*..fuhh)

ok..now..I want to share with you a video..
actually, I want to dedicate this thing to all my teachers especially to SAmBesT's teachers..just enjoy it, okay!)

hmm..kinda sad when watching this video..but if they add pictures.. i am sure i will sobbing.. T_T..



khaliesahkamal said...

oho..byknye sekola!!

Athirah said...

banyak sek..
coz pindah umah..
n sek tu pindah2..uzur sgt..
eh, faham ke?