Saturday, November 10, 2012


Hidup ni fana, macam fatamorgana, macam mirage, yang kalau time hari yang sangat panas, kita nampak seolah-olah ada lopak air kat atas jalan, padahal tak de pun.

Kita duduk dalam rahim ibu sorang-sorang, kita lahir sorang-sorang, akhirnya kita mati pun sorang-sorang. Duduk dalam kubur sorang-sorang, kena soal dalam kubur sorang-sorang, bangkit menghadap Tuhan untuk hisab pun sorang-sorang.

So, basically.  Dunia ni macam pentas lakonan hidup je. Dan sekejap je kita singgah kat dunia ni.
Tapi masa yang sekejap kat dunia ni la yang menentukan pengakhiran hidup kita yang kekal abadi macam mana nanti..

Cuba bayangkan..
dari kita bangun tidur, mandi, solat, pergi sekolah, borak-borak, makan, tidur dan sampai ke benda yang paling detail, apa yang kita buat, semua nanti Allah tanya - terutama sekali yang berkaitan dengan hati kita, semua mesti nak balik berjumpa Allah dengan hati yang tenang kan? muthmainnah, qalbun salim~

So, just treat this dunya as R&R, you are not going to live in this world forever as there are many destinations await you.

And lastly, plan your life with the end of your of your mind. As there is one sister, sis meela once told me, that every Muslim should has the aim and intention to meet Allah s.w.t.

Thus, when we want to meet Allah s.w.t,
we want to enter His beautiful Paradise,
we want to have serenity and tranquility feeling in our heart
and we want to meet the Prophet Muhammad p.b.u.h,
let's reflect, what have we done for this beautiful and sacred deen which is Islam??
and for all things that we thought we have contributed and sacrificed in this path, is it sincere?
or just plastics ?

Keep on reflection, doing muhasabah, for ourselves, for good.
You find a place, sit alone and think what have you done.
There, you should re-trace about your action and what can you improvise for yourself .
Muhasabah is cool man ! and it's become cooler when you have tears in your eyes, you admit your past and present sins and you determine to change and be a better man!

Spread the words, spread the love~

I hope you guys get my message ;

1. treat this world as R&R, life is short, hereafter is forever
2. plan with the end in the mind
3. reflect, do muhasabah, renew your intention.

p/s : Even if we will travel many places alone, we should have the spirit and courage to spread the words, and a dream to enter Jannah together with our beloved ones. 

So, spread the words !
Keep on supporting me ya! . Thank you.

Have a nice day, people!

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