Monday, March 14, 2011


Last Friday was my first time delivered an Economic Debate.. haha..

don’t get me wrong, I am not participating in any debate tournament. This is for our Malaysian Economy’s tutorial.

An issue that given was- foreign direct investment gives more advantages than disadvantages in the economy.

We were in the government side. Actually, I am scared if I am not performing the debate very well or it will turn into a forum. heh.

I have participate in Malay Forum twice, and now I am not really confident with myself.. sejak bila ni? since this is a debate and not a forum :/

but everything is just fine. I am fine
Alhamdulillah. =)

These are our points (government side);

1) Foreign direct investment offers a lot of capital from outside to invest in Malaysia. We knew that even though government collaborates with private sector, we are still unable to have such a big amount of capital for the industrialization development. This proves that we ought to seek investment from outsiders.

2) Foreign direct investment creates jobs and employment opportunities. As the investors come and open many factories here especially for manufacturing sectors, this would lead to the creation of jobs. Therefore, Malaysians could take advantages by working with them.

The investors are offering higher salary as compared to the local firms with the same qualification of employees. Unskilled workers are required to work in primary sector like agriculture and mining whereas the skilled workers are in need in secondary and tertiary sector like construction and service sectors. Therefore, both unskilled and skilled workers could gain benefits from FDI.

3) Transfer of technology especially in manufacturing sector. We are not talking about the real technology like machinery or whatsoever, but it is more like to sharing skills, manufacturing method and even entire facilities. Usually, the investors would send the employees for training and, at the same time, improving their skills for the sake of employee’s performance. Employees will be more competent and be more courage to perform their tasks.

4) Can FDI eradicate poverty? Actually, there is no direct relationship between FDI and eliminating poverty but there are 3 indirect links between them.

i) FDI is not giving the benefits directly to the poor but it helps to create economic environment
ii) FDI gives employment opportunity to unskilled workers in rural areas especially in primary sectors. But as for manufacturing sectors, skilled workers are highly demanded.

iii) tak ingat. heh


1) foreign workers are seeking jobs in Malaysia and right now there are about 1 million of foreign workers here. Is it true that Malaysian is really choosy ?

you got 60 seconds to guess !!.. heh

2) when the investors build many plantation and factory here, it leads to an increment in pollution.

There is a lot of technology that could filter the pollution, right?

so, what’s the point of saying that the pollution will increase ?

3) the investors become richer and we become poorer.


It’s not like that.

let me ask you something..

why the investors came to Malaysia? of course they want to make a lot of profits, right?

for your information, for the first five years, they will receive tax holiday or in another words, tax incentives but after that, they have to pay income tax to our government. so, it can be considered as revenue toward our country.

moreover, as more jobs are created, the purchasing power will increased. Indirectly , this condition could lead to economic boost.

* * * * * *

As for me, FDI has both advantages and disadvantages.

I give you an easy example.
when we receive guest at our home, of course there will be something that we have to serve, right? like karipap and coffee.

give and take is a must.

After I made some research about FDI, I realized that we need FDI to develop our country. I admit that FDI has it owns disadvantages but it doesn’t mean that we could deny its contribution toward our nation, right?

Whether FDI gives more advantages than disadvantages in the economy, well ….. you decide.. 

nota soya ;

buat kali pertamanya semangat gler blaja economy.
buat kali pertamanya faham FDI tanpa rasa blur.
buat kali pertamanya datang DKS 1.2 pagi-pagi dan jadi orang pertama
buat kali pertamanya suka pegang mic.. haha, betul ke?

nota bantal ;

sorry la isi macam terabur sebab main ingat-ingat je nak tulis benda ni.

nota kaki ;

ilmu tersedia
bagi mereka yang mencari
pap.. terkena