Thursday, August 5, 2010

opportunity cost

everyday, we need to make a decision

whether we are conscious or not

nasi ayam or laksa penang
studying or sleeping

and lately
i am ought to make a lot of decisions ..
i mean.. in a hurry...

this Friday is my *****
well, you know it's girl stuff or something
for me, or other girls outside there,
they felt it is crucial to memorize some historical date..
me too.. :)

so i have plan.. nak balik rumah

yeah, instead of celebrating my *****,
home is the most safest place
where you could escape from all problems..
escapism for a while should not be a problem, right?

but then
suddenly i have been chosen as one of SIFE's member
SIFE stands for - Student in Free Enterprise
the interview?.. i did it.. did i?.. haha

This Saturday,
all of us have to attend a ceremony at Banting..
erm, some welfare stuffs..
to encourage the villagers to plant on their abandoned land..
i am into this kind of program
because i could interact with the society

so, I have to cancel my plan to went back home.. ahh,tidakkkkk
I feel sad... because i had informed ummi excitedly about my plan
to celebrate... yada yada yada

tomorrow, we have our rehearsal @ Banting
that mean
i can't attend three classes .. three
one lecture and two tutorial classes

once again,
I am in dilemma..

opportunity cost - what you have to forgone in order to pursue the more attractive choices...

what i have to forgone?
1) balik rumah, for sure... (heh, jgn nak komen pasal ni eh )
2) 3 classes.. ( i tak pernah miss class tau....penerangan lecturer dgn kwan punya explanation tak sama) =(

celebrate my ****** @ Banting.. ..i thought nobody knows...
but i knew.. haha ( gembirakan hati sendiri dgn senyum tawar)

eh.. hello..i got to go

saya nak jumpa orang kampung ni !!
semoga ada hikmah di sebalik pengorbanan yang kecil ni..


azni_1405 said...

huhu..hepi bufday la untukmu...

nak wish pnjg2 see u nnt lar..

miss s.e.r.e.n.i.t.y said...

thanks ey

ingatan itu sangat mengharukan

little daie said...

udah tua ya kamu...

jgn sedih2, nanti nadhirah pujuk kita kejar ayam lg=)

miss s.e.r.e.n.i.t.y said...


ayam tu takut dgn awak laa