Sunday, March 2, 2014

Risk Taker (Part 2)

Assalamualaikum w.b.t

How are you guys? It has been such a looooooooooooong time since my last update on my cystal. heh.
quite busy then.

1. How's practical ? COOL.. haha..
as for your information, now i have become one of audit trainee in a medium audit firm. There a a lot of things that i will learn everyday and i really meant it...  A LOT.. but, it's okay though.. we should realize that working in a workplace are much way too different from university and campus environment.

I got a lot of friends, my colleagues are very friendly and the seniors are kind of sporting too.. Most of them are about my age, so it's easy to communicate with, rather than somebody older.

2. As an accounting student, I would suggest the accounting students to have their practical training in a big or medium audit firm instead of any other type of firm or jump into industries. Why ? To audit an account, you need to know the whole process of making the account. So, audit firm is very good place to apply most of knowledge that you learnt in university. However, bear in mind that working is DIFFERENT from studying. you have to catch up faster and to feel that you have commitment with the work.

Frankly speaking, being an auditor is a tough job. That's why there are shortage of auditors in Malaysia. So, grab the challenge, seek for professional certificates like ACCA, ICAEW, CPA, FCCA or any other professional exam to adds on your value in the market.

3. For these 2 weeks, I got a lot of hikmahs.

3.1  Always have faith with Allah.

Some of you know that I am having my industrial training in the heart of the country, i.e Kuala Lumpur. I met a lot of people, that comes from different background, life experience, religion, age and paradigm. Sometimes, well most of the time, deep in my heart I felt really scared to survive in this big city. Even though I was born in KL literally, but spending 5 years in boarding school, 4 years in university put me away from the hectic and dizziness of the city.

Since I lived in Rawang, i have to take KTM to reach my workplace and usually I will take KTM at 7am since the journey to KL is about 45 mins. I have to be punctual since I have the responsibility, remember? ..

My working hour ends at 6pm but usually I will left my office at 6.30pm, reaching KTM Rawang at 8.30pm and home at 9pm. The parking space at KTM is really scaryyyyyyy, there are a lot of dogs. Whenever I saw them, I feel like want to scream or cry, my body shiver, my heart keep beating faster than usual and my lip non-stop reciting selawat with the hope that the dogs will never sees me or abandoned me. I can't walk faster, since I am afraid.. I can't run, because the dogs may be chasing me.. so, I walk slowly to my car and feel so relieved that Allah saved me from the dogs and keeps my heart calm in such a dangerous situation. Can you imagine facing those situations everyday?  :'(

It's such a relieve that Allah never leave me alone. =)

3.2 Be considerate

Taking public transport like KTM as a transport, meeting a lot of passengers makes me realize and teach me who I want to be.

One day, I enter the KTM with the hope that I got a seat since standing 45 minutes will be really tiring. It's such a long way to go.. However, my heart burst when I saw two seats that full with bags of the other passengers. It's really annoyed me. Be considerate people ! the seats are for the passengers to sit, put your bags on your lap or on the floor. Okay?

Oh, one more things. Please be considerate for old man/woman, pregnant woman, blind person and the OKUs.

3.3 The calmness, tranquality, serenity lies in your heart, not in the place.

Being an auditor, getting busy with the working papers and all those works related to audit, sometimes i miss my free time. (well most of the time actually). So, I learn that time management is very important.

In a hectic place, you can still be calm and feel calmness. As the calm lies in your heart, do things that will relax and bring peace to your inner heart. My own initiative is to read Quran whenever I got the chance. Brings the sacred books, Quran and the beneficial books anywhere I go. Just manage the time wisely.

I believe that everyday is a brand new day. And everyday is a learning process. A continues one.
طلب العلم من المهد إلى اللهد - tuntutlah ilmu dari buaian hingga liang lahad.

That's all from me. Till the next sharing session.

Have a barakah day everyone!

Assalamualaikum ^_^