Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Assalamualaikum, guys and gals..

Long time no chit chat, huh?
Okay, now I am back !! (give me a standing ovation, big clap please !..haha)

I just want to share my artwork on prezi.
Miss Ummi told us to make a presentation by using our own creativity by using video, writing poem, singing or by using prezi..

so, among those options, I chose Prezi instead of video (because I am still pioneer and it will be time consuming if I want to make video), writing poem ( oh, i am lost.. to recite poem, yes.. but to write poem, err? ), singing (oh please, I never do it in public except national songs and other official songs). That's it. Prezi !

What on earth Prezi is? yeah, I knew you might wondering about it.
Prezi is a space where you could develop and make your slide in a very creative and attractive ways.
It's some sort of Microsoft Power Point but what makes it differences is it can zoom, it can jump into another slide like frog jumping from one stone to another (cliche, give frog as example?? =_=' ) and the most important thing is it makes your presentation looks elegant, presentable and exciting.

Prezi  is a very user-friendly website. You will understand the application quickly and it helps you a lot in making slides for presentation and submitting your assignment. I have used Prezi to make a presentation on Fiduciary Duties last semester. Recently, when Miss Ummi asked us to make presentation by using Prezi, I smile very widely. No big deal ! hehe

So, I just want to share my creativity with Prezi. Hoo yeah, check it out !

I hope you gain something from my presentation ('')(^_^)
yeah, sometimes we need to view something from different perspectives and learn to diversify our knowledge, only then we will learn.

Okay, that's enough I guess.
Till we meet again.

-finding serene-