Wednesday, January 30, 2019

The air of the new environment

Assalamualaikum and hi everyone.

Welcome back to my channel – My Crystal.

Some of you were asking me about my condition to my new workplace, hence this is my detailed reply. Peace.. (“)(^_^)(“)

 How are you?

I am good Alhamdulillah. Emotionally and physically.

I am so happy.. Reason being is of course, number one is I can go home earlier as compared to the time when I was an auditor. I can cook every day. Yeay!. It is not because I had to cook, but because I want to cook. See the differences. My husband always advices me that if I am exhausted, he doesn’t mind eating outside. But for me, cooking is like a therapy. I am enjoying the process and preparing good food. Even though it’s just two of us. So yeah..

The distances of my current workplace to my home is just around 15 to 20 minutes. I am actually taking my sweet time during the ‘back home’ journey it is really near. I am extremely grateful. Alhamdulillah.

There was this one time that I went back home around 8.30pm at the office and my colleagues said that it is too late. I am like are you freaking serious?? Haha. My normal time to go home is around 5.30pm to 6.30pm. At least my target is I can perform Maghrib prayer at home. But I admit during the closing period, I will need to stay longer but the cut off is like 10pm. So having the peak vibes once in a while makes me even more grateful with my current job. And it’s just two days in a month.. Alhamdulillah.

The stress levels are very much tolerable and manageable. I need to handle ad hoc matter for the company but seriously it is not difficult, at all. (Maybe because my benchmark is the audit life, so this one will be very much easier).

Frankly speaking, transitioning from being an auditor to an accountant is not an easy process. There are a lot of systems that I need to master within a short time of period. System to post journal, system to pull full set of accounting report, system to attach the supporting document, training database and etc. You name it.  

Alhamdulillah, I have been blessed with a lot of helpful and nicest colleagues ever. They are willing to accept me joining the finance team and guiding me during my transition.

And I believe my excel skills actually expedite my learning and working process too. Well there are just simple excel formulae like ‘VLOOKUP’ , ‘PIVOT’, ‘SUMIF’, ‘SUBTOTAL9’, but these formulae are very important to get things done. I am glad that the excel tricks will still be useful and beneficial to my current post.

What is your current job scope?

I am a local tax person for the company. I need to deal with all different types of taxes that my company had to adhere and comply with. I handle tax expenses, deferred taxes, withholding taxes, transfer pricing as well as sales and service taxes.
I am a rule based person. I love taxes very much. I like knowing all the rules related to taxes, whether it is deductible or not, whether it is claimable as qualifying expenditures or not and what is the tax planning so that we can be in compliance with taxes rules but at the same time with paying lesser pay to the tax authority. This is what we called tax avoidance – which means avoiding the tax but by adhering to the laws. You really need to be good with the tax standards.
I noticed my love for taxes has been growing ever since I took ACCA papers (F6- Malaysian Taxation and P6- Advanced Taxation). Then the love continue grows when I have been promoted to Senior back then during my audit life where I was in charge mostly for complex sections like reviewing inventory and tax. Again, tax is like becoming so important and huge in my life.

I am also will be the key person that my superior will refer to for any accounting updates. I believe being ACCA member is not adequate to become a top notch chartered accountant. I need to keep up with latest accounting updates and not being adamant for the change. Change is inevitable and if I am not being updated with the changes, I might be left behind. Right?

Do I missed my former firm? 

Yes and No.

Yes, I missed the office building. I missed waiting the KTM and complaining about it (lol). I missed standing inside the KTM for one hour and a half when I got no seat in KTM. I missed the hustle and bustle in KL Sentral as well as Nu Sentral. I missed walking to the office. I missed lunch at Bank Rakyat (haha). I missed doing audit. I missed literally everything. Working in Big 4 for four solid years is no joke and how funny I am to tell myself and to tell you that I missed them.

Don’t forget the No.

No, I don’t miss the heavy workload. I don’t miss the crazy deadline. I don’t miss peak period. I don’t miss the nasty clients. I don’t miss staying back at client’s place. I don’t miss working on weekend every day. I don’t miss the need to continue working when I reach home.

Some people, when they resigned from the big firm. They don’t actually know what they want in life. They opted to join commercial and later on, they will be joining the firm again. Reason being is because they are passionate with audit but the passion in them has been blurred with the intolerable stress that they faced every day. Then when they are being less challenged, they are kind of missing the hectic life that they had before.  

There are a lot of things going on in my life and my ultimate goal is to find my inner peace. Meaning that I want my prayer to be more focused and not being with distracted with working thingy. If you got what I mean.

So I guess that’s about it.  

Talk to yourself and know what you want in life.
Find His blessings in every step that you take in life.
And that is all that matters.
Until then,
Bye bye and have a nice day ahead!

p/s: have you smile and say selawat today?